hiya my name's eileen.

i track #michaelssos

have a nice day! :)
Eileen; go ahead rip my heart out if you think that's what love's all about.

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@Luke5SOS: fuck yes, chocolate milk


Ashton outside radio station at Charlotte, September 27th

5 Seconds of Summer: Writing for Their New Album

I hope you’re having a wonderful day with lots of cake and chocolate and junk food! :) I wish I could hug you today and spend your birthday with you but since you’re living on the other side of the world I tried to find my favourite Ziam moments to make you a gifset. I’m honestly not sure I found the best ones since these two fuckers are so in love and there are so many great moments but I hope you enjoy this and that it makes you smile!
and even though i know you hate this song I hope you’re listening to it at least once today bc it just fits OKAY!
"Everything will be alright if we just keep dancing like we’re 22!" :)
I love you Brenda, thank you for being an amazing friend!! Have a wonderful day bc you deserve it xxx

Luke Hemmings + iHeartRadio Music Festival Village